Essential Talk and Touch

I have been going to Cuddle Parties for years.  They are wonderful!  They have changed my life!


I love them so much that I became a Certified Cuddle Party Facilitator,  #145. 


Over the years, however, I have found that the name gets in the way.  People who have never heard of Cuddle Party assume that you have to Cuddle.  Of course you don't, but I inevitably spend the first five minutes talking to people telling them all of the things that they don't have to do. 


So I call my classes Essential Talk and Touch.  The talking comes first.  Then, if you want, you can engage in whatever touch feels good to you.

The heart and soul of Cuddle Party are the Rules and the Welcome Circle.  My classes follow the Cuddle Party format, unless specifically noted.

It's worth going over to the Cuddle Party Website to see it's rich history.  Go ahead!  I'll wait.